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integrate . design . launch.

Get your E-learning platform up and running as quickly as possible

Integrate & Save

Integrate a professional E-learning and training platform with your organization, save more on staff training. Fully packed to meet your brand, deploy your learning materials once and allow multiple staff to learn at their own convenience.


choose a Niche

Are you a mentor, trainer, organization for profit or non-profit we have designed a better way to meet your needs, choose a niche and get started. 



We are fully ready to help you get started, we can get your learning platform up and ready or you can get it done yourself. Our platform is fully DIY ready.



Get your learning platform to your audience in few clicks. Start getting a return on investment in no time.


Thoroughly Handpicked UI Freebies

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Our platform comes with features you can think of to get your e-learning portal up and running, from learning features to community features and many more add-on for marketing and business. 

Designed for maximum performances

Our platform is designed to meet any business or individual needs. We have a plan that covers small, medium and large organizations. 

For Small

Are you a trainer, mentor, small business or organization who would needs a way to reach their audience, staff and students, Our Platform covers your E-learning needs

For Medium

Do you need more features, need to reach more learners? We have made it easier to meet all your needs and can help you get started as soon as possible.

For Large

Do you want a learning system that can cover your institution and company? Our learning platform is cloud based and have lots of features that can help you achieve your needs


Addon For Everyone

Our platform comes with lots of addons that can power your learning portal and give you the best.

how. it. works.


are covered

We understand your needs, we have designed to cover those needs, from training, capacity building to research, data and M&E. We make sure work get easy while deploying those trainings online.


are covered

Our platform would take care of all the school management, student and staff management to learning management. Full features that meet your needs during this period


New Core Features Monthly

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